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Ganjineh Alamut Co. was established in 2018 with the goal of gaining reliable share from the handicraft market of Iran both inside and outside the country and the optimum productivity of the Iranian artists’ ability in order to highlight the desirable job commitment along with the provision of quality products, gain the trust of clients in Iran and all over the world and preserve the credibility of the world of Iranian handicrafts. This company is committed to lead the production and supply of delicate products in the country by relying on updating knowledge and an art-based approach.Ganjineh Alamut Co., believing in the creativity and ability of Iranian producers, as well as the knowledge of its young and dynamic directors, is looking for dominance on global market with Iranian quality. Therefore, in pursuit of this goal, this company is trying to cooperate with traders and manufacturers of this industry. By complying with the quality and sustainability standards in the stability of this idea, a distinctive feature of the art of Iranian shoud be presented to the world.


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What do you know about Alamut?

What do you know about Alamut?

The Alamut geographic region (Persian: الموت‎; Alamūt) is a region in Iran including western and eastern parts in the western edge of the Alborz (Elburz) range, between the dry and barren plain of Qazvin in the south and the densely forested slopes of the Mazandaran province in the north. Starting from Qazvin toward Alamut, passing through the first range of hills, curvatures, forms, are significant themes in nature's composition of this area. Two big citadels of Ismailis, Lambsar and Alamut castles, are in this area. Hassan-i Sabbah and his Hashshashin controlled the area for many years.

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