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Diamond Cutter

.Diamond-cutter is the art of painting and engraving on copper by cutting


It is an industry that performed through formation of the molten glass using blowing in special tube and handy tools such as pliers, scissors and special molds and in addition other supplementary steps such as painting and cutting on crystal parts.


Pottery is one of the oldest and most important man-made since caveman time up to now. If the pottery is painted with the combination of enamel fluid and aluminum silicate before second baking, it is called the enamel pottery.


It is a hand woven of animal wool that is commonly used as ground cloth and ornamental hanging and practical items such as: backrest, bag and cushion. Most of the used colors in kilim are herbal. There is no standard size in kilim‘s tissue and is usually provided on the basis of customers‘s order. The most common size of the kilim is scantling which is equal to 100x150 cm.


Leather is a material that comes from the tannery of animals ‘raw skin. The art of making essential things such as clothes, bags and shoes, belts and etc. is called Saddlery.


Enamel in the word means blue sky and it is known a material made of glaze in combination with an azure in the industry. Enamel-work refers to the art of creating designs on coppery and earthenware dishes. In this artwork, the background color is usually blue color, which is an artistically reminded beauty of the sky.


The art of decorating the surface of wooden things and cupreous things in a mosaic-like mode and using a small triangle of ivory, metal and wood with different color is called an Inlaid-Work.


The Engraving is the carving of decorative motifs on metal things using special stylus and hammer strokes also known as enameling.


It is made by putting small pieces of turquoise rock in form of a mosaic on the surface of dishes, jewelry and decorative objects (from bases of copper, brass, silver, plush or bronze).

Decorative Salt Rock

The extractive large part of salt mine is called the salt rock. Nowadays, the salt rock is widely used in the manufacture of artistic industries such as bedside lamp, candlestick and other decorative works.

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